Hardware Products List


  • Buy wire/wireless mouse online at affordable cost in the easiest way ever at PC Help Crew.

  • Price: $49.00 


  • Access the online store of PC Help Crew to purchase the best keyboards than the rest.

  • Price: $69.00 


  • Buy from here to make your digital life easy with our huge range of desktop machines.

  • Price:$329.00 


  • Buy computing machines among amass collection of attractive products at reasonable price.

  • Upto:$2145.00 


  • Come to us to buy and explore the widest range of most popular printing devices.

  • Price:$265.00 


  • Buy thin, stylish and awful device from Apple at any instant of time at lower cost.

  • Price:$569.00 

Fax Machine

  • Get the right and verified choice of fax machines on standard price at PC Help Crew store.

  • Price:$407.00 

Hard Disk

  • Access our best deals of verified products to make your purchase a low price affair.

  • Price:$359.00 


  • Pick your choice or CD/DVD ROM among a huge selection of flawless data storage drives.

  • Price:$149.00 


  • Purchase the Monitor/LCD/TFT of your standard at style with a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Price:$319 

LOGITECH F310 Joystick

  • Buy at minimal cost to complete your computing machines with logitech F310 joystick.

  • Price:$26.62 

Aerocool DS Silent Cube Case

  • Make a purchase of aerocool ds silent cube case at best offered price.

  • Upto:$153.67 


  • Buy among the plethora of choices of the variety of manufacturers at your doorstep.

  • Price:$349.00 

Verbatim DVD+R4.7GB

  • Make a purchase of veratim DVD+R 4.7 25 pack at best offered price.

  • Price:$9.98 

Sony LTO5 Ultrium Gen5 Tape

  • Pay a reasonable amount for Sony LTO5 Ultrium Gen5 Tape.

  • Price:$111.32 

Verbatim 1.44MB Floppy Disks

  • Buy the best Verbatim 1.44MB Floppy Disks at a lower price.

  • Price:$10.29 

Hauppauge HVR2215 Media Kit

  • Buy Hauppauge HVR2215 Media Kit at PC Help Crew.

  • Price:$205.70 

Cabac DVI DualLink Cable 1.8M

  • Buy Cabac DVI DualLink Cable 1.8M at PC Help Crew.

  • Price:$12.10 

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